The niche sheet saved a deal for me!  I had a client that I needed to use 100% child support income and child tax credit.  I typed in child tax credit in the search field and then narrowed the Lenders down to which ones allowed child support also.  Within minutes I was able to send it in and get the deal approved a few days later.  My commission on the deal...paid for the niche sheet for the year, three times over!                                            March 2017 Tara Borle

Its helped me numerous times finding the right lender that would have taken me days or hours to figure out….its a sanity and deal saver                                    March 2017 Carmela Durante

This niche sheet is an invaluable tool that I easily reference at least once a day.  It’s fantastic resource for the harder to place deals and even a great reference for a quick double check on information you may want to reconfirm with all the recent changes.  As an example, recently I used it to find a lender to finance a studio condo, the square footage was well below most lenders minimums.  Another example is income, how much spousal and child support can I use, or which lender allows overtime and how much.  It’s a time saving tool I can access quickly to prevent sifting through lender emails or calling the lender rep’s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    March 2017 Lee Mallais


The Niche Sheet has been an invaluable source of reference for me.  While in the financial industry for over 30 years, I have been doing strictly mortgages for 15 years, and today’s world is a bit more challenging than the days of the past.  With all the lenders, policy changes, and our industry becoming a “moving target”, it is so important to have a quick point of reference.  The niche sheet is updated regularly and allows me the option to just search either under a specific lender, or a specific category.  My answers are just a click away!  I would strongly recommend the Niche sheet for mortgage brokers, seasoned or new.  Why do the research yourself when you can have the resources readily available with just a click of your mouse.              March 2017 Laurie Campbell

 With so many policy changes within the market lately as well as lenders,  having the niche sheet is a time saver and most importantly a deal saver.  When on the road traveling to client meetings and a client calls or referral source with a complex deal this niche sheet is handy to find out how to fit the deal in the box so that it can be approved.  Keeping this niche sheet up to date is a asset to my business and I couldn’t imagine my life without it now.  it’s a great tool to my business.  Highly recommend.                                                                                                                                                               March 2017 Joanne Dusterhoft

The Niche Sheet has helped immensely when trying to see which lenders have what criteria.  It has saved time and it’s an app we keep open continually when working.  We are always referring to it and it has helped so much.  Navigation is very easy as well!                                        March 2017 Najhat Bennett